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Leonor Cedillo

researcher, trainer, manager, analyst,
writer and technical expert

Skills and areas: statistics, surveys, industrial hygiene, work organization, ergonomics, chemical pollution, sustainable development…

Cross-cutting skills in…


Choosing and developing technical and methodological tools to identify problems and gather, structure and analyze data to produce actionable recommendations, using approaches adapted to an understanding of the requirements of the stakeholders.


Examples from professional practice:

Development of capacity

Capacity development of teams within organizations is about not only better meeting organizational goals, but also promoting individual growth.


  • work team development
  • professional upgrading
  • curriculum development
  • training of workers
  • train-the-trainers
  • university courses
  • thesis supervision

Examples from professional practice:

Coordination, planning, project management

As a manager I have coordinated work teams of up to 20 members, including people with senior qualifications, as well as having varied experience in coordinating groups and events.


  • project and program budgets
  • conferences
  • work groups
  • external stakeholders
  • researchers
  • academic programs
  • books

Examples from professional practice: